Mold removal – have it professionally

Long story short – my roof started leaking and I had it repaired. All nice and well but in the meantime moisture getting into the attic caused mold growth. At first, it was just that musty smell so I haven’t paid much attention but then black stains started appearing on the ceiling and walls. I thought that a bottle of bleach and new layer of paint will solve my problem but unfortunately, it was not the case. Only then, I decided to hire professionals for mold removal in Chicago. And my only regret is that I haven’t done that earlier. I called Simply Mold Gone. I was really impressed by their prompt response. Guys almost immediately came to my house and started with performing thorough inspection. And when I say thorough, I mean it. They went through each and every room in my house not neglecting storage closets. Then they took samples of the specimens for testing.

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Remediating mold once and for all

I wandered why the heck guys took samples in the rooms that didn’t have any visible mold signs. Well, it turned out that I had elevated levels of mold throughout the house. My DIY mold removal approach resulted only is spreading little bugger elsewhere from the attic and not remediating the mold problem. After seeing test results, I was really glad that guys from the Simply Mold Gone comprehensively took care of the issue. I learnt as well that in some cases mold spores got to far so it was necessary to remove parts of the drywall. If I called for professional help earlier, I could avoid it. Nevertheless, results are what matters. Thanks to company’s invaluable help I have now mold free house and I don’t have to worry neither about further damage to the building nor about my health.

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